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Eternity is a Reality

Believe it or not, heaven is real and so is hell. Beloved, the bible says “it is appointed unto man, to die once and after death, there is judgment”. The result of this judgment is either heaven or hell. Where will you like to go? Heaven promises to be our eternal home where there will be no pain or sorrow; no night or darkness; no worry or anxiety.Hell on the other hand is a place of everlasting torment and anguish. It is a place of sorrow and shame.Beloved, JESUS is the only way that leads to HEAVEN. He is the way of salvation that leads to eternal life – a life of peace and joy. Believe in Him and you will be saved. Accept Him as your Lord and savior; surrender your life to Him today and He will make room for you in eternity.

There is a way ……..

There is a way that leads to joy, peace, hope, fulfillment, victory, healing, health, prosperity…….There is a way that leads to shame, sorrow, failure, defeat, frustration, sickness, poverty, failure…Which way will you choose? Will you choose the narrow way that looks plain and un-interesting but leads to salvation and eternal peace or the broad way that promises glamour and excitement but leads to death and condemnation? JESUS is the signpost of that narrow way. He is calling you today! Acknowledge His invitation today. Surrender your life to Him. Let Him lead you in your Journey of life. He is the Way. If He leads you, you will not end at the wrong destination. Accept Him into your heart today.

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