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Divine Intervention Missionary Ministry (DIMM) is a Christian ministry with a specific focus on evangelism and soul-winning. The ministry was founded as a response to the ‘great commission’ of our Lord and savior, Jesus Christ to ‘go and make disciples of all nations…’ Mathew 28:19

DIMM is a non profit organization which is involved in different types of charity work such as giving to the less privileged and providing shelter for the homeless. The various activities of benevolence are not limited to any specific location, but cuts across racial barriers, countries and continents.

In fulfilling it's call for soul winning, the ministry has the major objective of establishing an orphanage through which young children can be nurtured and raised in the Christian faith which will equip them for service in the Lords vineyard. This orphanage has since been established in Githunguri, Kenya, a country in East Africa. The ministry is currently making plans to establish a school that will provide Christian based education as a support to the orphanage and the immediate community.

DIMM is also involved in providing shelter, food, clothing, healthcare and education to people in need.

(USA) Office Location:

5624 Leiden Road

Baltimore, MD. 21206

Phone: 1 443 854 3227

(Kenya) Office location:

Commercial Stage, Route 140

Gitiha, Githunguri, kenya

P.O.Box  12922 - 000400, Nairobi. Kenya.

Phone +254 731413386; +254 708884940




Mon - Fri: 9AM - 6PM

Sat: 10AM - 4PM

Sun: 10AM - 3PM

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