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God’s Promise Fulfilled – Miracle Babies...17 Years of Bareness comes to an End! Our God is faithful, who is able to do what HE promised to do – Rom4:21

Shortly after our marriage, God ministered to my wife and I concerning giving birth to a child. He said the journey will be a long one but at that time we never imagined that the journey will take us through seventeen years of pain, sorrow and anguish. After many years of waiting on the Lord, in January 2010, I had a divine encounter with God through which I received my miracle healing. During this encounter, the power of God came over me and I felt heat go through my lower abdomen. A visit to my doctor after this experience confirmed that a miracle has indeed been done in my life. My wife became pregnant with twins but the enemy still continued to try to stop our testimony with different kinds of issues and negative reports, but God in HIS infinite mercy kept the babies, contrary to the plans of the enemy. To the glory of God Almighty, Esther and Elizabeth were born on Easter Sunday, 2011 at almost thirty two weeks by the help of the Holy Spirit. Praise the Lord!!!

Our MESSAGE.......There is no situation that is too far gone that God cannot turn around. For every family waiting on the Lord for the blessing of the fruit of the womb, We encourage you to hold on to God. Today’s delay does not mean denial tomorrow. Rejoice in the Lord at all times because HE is faithful to fulfill all His promises. The power of resurrection that brought our twin girls into being will visit you and you too shall be called by a new name – the mother & father of children. Amen

MSA Samson Iyanda  

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