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The Wilderness Journey - Rev. Rotimi Awani

Beloved, there are various paths that lead to the wilderness of life that equips to attain the success of God’s plans. If you are reading this testimony, I pray that it will minister to your spirit and be meaningful to your life.

After completion of my college programs as an Agro forester, I was employed by the Agricultural division of a major multinational in Nigeria as a Crop/Agro forestry supervisor.

 I performed the task diligently and effectively for 5 years. At the beginning of the 6 year, it was discovered that fraudulent acts had been perpetrated in the accounts department by one of the book-keepers (officer). An investigation panel was set up to look into the case, it was discovered that some top officials were involved. But to my greatest surprise, the then secretary to the executive Director, along with other faction in the company, shifted the blame onto an innocent principal officer that most of us knew very well as an honest and trustworthy man.

The false allegation against the man stirred my spirit and I decided to find out the truth. The Bible says “Find out the truth and hold on to the truth.” Therefore, after fasting and praying, I went directly to the book-keeper that was directly involved in the fraud to find out the real truth of the matter. He confessed and told me that the principal officer was not involved; only that the top officers were trying to use the case to eliminate him because he had been an obstacle to them in stealing money out of the company. I believe it was the power of the Holy Ghost that made him to reveal the truth of the situation, though he trusted me to keep the secret.

There is an adage that says “If you pull a rope in the forest it will pull down many branches and bushes.” The report of the official investigation to the fraud was full of calumny against the innocent principal officer to the extent that co-workers now believed that the principal officer was involved in the fraud. The Bible says “If you know the truth, it shall set you free.” Since I knew the truth of the case, I confronted their lies and conspiracy by telling my co-workers the real truth. Some believed my truth and yielded to it while some others believed but refused to acknowledge it because of the promises of promotions and pay increment. At the end, the heartless and wicked director and group officers terminated the principal officer and those of us loyal to him.

Brethren, no matter your position in this world, remember that God is the one above that can terminate your life without querry . Exactly one year after of our termination, the Director died in the office without taking away anything. Not only that, those who connived with them and compromised themselves started facing problems of various kinds until they were terminated from the company.

Meanwhile, at the time I was terminated, all I had was two-hundred and thirty naira in my account. Due to the bad experience at the job I was terminated, I decided not to seek employment but set up my own business. Despite the fact that I was financially handicapped, God raised help for me to start a farming operation- Poultry, Piggery, and Apiculture (Beekeeping). Everything went on perfectly and smoothly and life started to get better for me. The attacker (Devil) attacked the business and things started to fall apart and I could not pay back the borrowed money, I could not pay my rent and other bills. My family could not eat what it wanted but only what was available.

Thank God for my good wife, with the little salary she earned, she paid the children’s school fees and made sure the bad situation did not affect them. In order to support her, I went back to the farm to cultivate ground for food. At the end of season, the yield was poor and the little yield was harvested by thieves. Thereby, further worsening my precarious situation.

In 1996, my 3-year old female child died. She was ill; unfortunately, we could not seek medical help because I could not afford the hospital bill. She died within 3 days of her illness. Her death was like a nail to my heart but I did not allow the devil to have joy over my situation, God was faithful and gave us a male child the following year.

Readers, whatsoever you are facing today, stand firmly with God, never compromise with the world or things of the world. In my difficult situation, those in position to help wanted to take advantage to initiate me into a secret cult. But they were disappointed by my Jesus Christ who gave me a firm heart not to backslide. Although everyday, every month and every year my situation got worse to the extent that my prayer request changed to if God could not change my situation for the better, he should call me to his Glory. I did not mind dying wretched for keeping his commandment that says “Thou should not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” (Exodus 20:16)

I thank God for his faithfulness and plans for my life. In 1998, a Muslim senior officer of the company where I was terminated, who was not in the company during my employment period, heard about me and sent me a copy of the American lottery. Initially I did not know the significance of the form until God perfected it.

By the time I received the final letter and documents for selection, I was so happy but sadness filled my soul because of my financial problems. I started seeking money from rich people I knew. I needed one million naira for my family of 5. Financial help was not forthcoming from those I approached. I, therefore, used the faith I had to pray fervently to God that if man refused to help me or support me with their money- God has the power and authority to raise a dead man to come and give me money. He has the power to raise rock to give me money. He also has the power to raise a tree in the forest to give me money.

It was like God had been expecting such faith from me in that within that week, God started to raise people I never knew or expected to manifest his faithfulness. Money started to come in and we were able to procure visa for the 5 of us. It did not stop there, 3 months to the expiration date of the visa; God provided money for the flight ticket.

Everyone knew my horrible situation and those that had been saying negative things to me about my stand for God started to glorify God and said that they too would do what I did so that God could change their lives. I give God all the praise.

Since he brought us to the U.S.A, he has never disappointed us. He has been meeting all our needs regularly. Brethren, pray that you should experience God almighty in your situations. If you do not believe in Jesus Christ then I am employing you to know and believe in Him. Jesus Christ is real; he is the only way, the truth and the life.

I pray for you that God who changed my situation to good will surely step into your situations today as you have read this testimony.

Who is Jesus to You?


Abayomi Ilori

He is the resurrection and life

He is the bread of life

He is the truth and the way

Do you keep him on sideline?

Is He a referee in your life or does He play a role in your life?

Are you leaving Him on the sideline?


You involve Him in everything you do

Jesus asked his disciples at the coast of Caesarea Philippi:

"Who do you say that I Am"

Simon Peter answered, "Thou art the Christ, the Son of the living God"

Jesus Christ is applicable to everybody, all men

To the Artist, He is the Potter - Isa 64:8

To the Agriculturist, He is the Lord of the harvest - Mat 9:38

To the banker, Jesus Christ is the hidden treasure - Isa 45:3

To the builder, he is the corner stone - Ps 118:22

To the Carpenter, Jesus Christ is the door - Rev 3:20

To the Doctor, He is the great physician - Lk 8: 43-45

To the Driver, Jesus is the way - John 14:6

To the Engineer, don't you know Jesus is the Inventor of things visible, things that are not seen. Col 1:16-17

To the Hotelier, Jesus is the good Samaritan Lk 10:35

To the Horticulturist, He is the beautiful lili of the valley, the Rose of Sharon SS 2:1

To the Inventor, He is the wisdom of God Ecc 1:13, Ecc 2:26

To ther Judge, He is the fair and just 1Jn 1:9

To the Journalist, He is the good news.Ps 68: 11

To the Lawyer, He is the advocate 1Jn 2:1

To the Laborer, He is the burden bearer Ps 55:22

To the Mariner, He is the sure compass of life in stormy seas Jn 14:6

To the Night Guard, He is the one that never sleeps nor slumber Ps 121:4

To the Optician, He is the one that opens the blind eyes Ps 146:8

To the Questionnaire, Jesus is the answer, the answer to all of life's questions Jer 33:3

To the Renegade, Jesus Christ is the redeemer Isa 48:17

To the Student, He is the source of knowledge, and excellency Prov 22: 20-21

To the Soldier, He is the Lord of Hosts Ps 46:7

To the Teacher, He is the greatest Rabbi, the teacher of all teachers Jn 3:2

To the Unpire, He is infallible Matt 5:48

To the Young, He is that friend that never fails; He sticks closer than a brother

Prov 18:24

To the young, old, whatever your profession,

He is the King of kings, Lord of lords,

The I AM that I AM,

The same yesterday, same today and same forever

Who is Jesus to You?

Is he a friend or foe?

A companion or you keep him at arms lenght

Is He close by or is He not

Do you have a personal experience of Him?

To me, he is Jehova El-Shaddai, He is everything.

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